Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The archives. updated.

Lately, i've been sifting through the morass which comprises my archives of climbing photography, and taking a nostalgic glimpse backwards into my recent and not so recent past.  It has been a pleasant diversion from my studies and other less savory realities; of which I would theorize afflict most male athletes in their late 30's.  On the bright side, I've completely recovered from an acute MCL sprain.  Yet, I'm now dealing with some peripheral knee issues that are far more enigmatic and elusive.  I'm quick to impute much of the blame to all the time at study, sitting of course.  But, in honesty, I can't be certain.  I'll keep an optimistic bent this summer as I make effort to regain fitness and function.  I'm dreaming of pristine granite, arduous approaches, and otherwise unadulterated adventure.  As I've been delving into my photo archives I have been held captive by the beauty which is Cascade craggin.  I've put together a farrago of some favorites and more obscure shots.   Sincere thanks goes out to all my friends who have got in front of my lens over the years.  

Jens Holsten on Iron Horse 11+, Index. 
Jens Holsten on Clay 11+, Index. 

Jens on Saggi-Horse 11+, Index. 
Iron Horse crux numero dos.
Andrew Philbin battles Never Never Crack, 12d, Icicle Canyon Leavenworth.

Not as hot as Bo Derek but Five stars nonetheless.  Andrew Philbin on Gilver's Dome, Leavenworth.

Bend transplant, johnny five lover, ideological maverick and earnest friend Paul Tomlinson on Black Ice 13b, Little Si.
Black Ice.

Porn Star 13+, Little Si.  Climber: Andrew Philbin.

Porn star: Andrew Philbin.
Jesse Heineman on Psychosomatic, 12d, Little si.
Erich Sachs, aka "____pants".  Man, myth, legend.  Propaganda 12+, Little Si.

Rapping down wet grand wall.
Andrew P. follows 2nd 12a pitch on University Wall.  
Never got this guys name.  Liberty Crack, 11a. WA Pass.

Pulling on the Gnar.  So sicki.

Patrick O'donnell on Ryan's Wall, Newhalem.  

Erich Ellis putting the hurt on Highway 99, 12b, newhalem.

Equinox.  Oops, 

Ryan Triplett on Van Halem 13b, Newhalem.
Benjit Hull on Californicator, 12d, Little Si.

Stick it or clip it 12c.  Patrick O hitting the nitro.

The 5.12 roof pitch on Colchuck Balanced Rock, Enchantments, WA.  Route: Tempest.  Me and Andrew.

Jens H. & Max Hasson on the Upper Wall classic, Green Drag-on. 13a.

Jens H. on 12c.  Green Drag-on.

Max Hasson high on Green Drag-on.  

Max Hasson on the finish of GD.

John Schmid.  Alias: Maverick.
Jens Holsten.  Everyday...psyched.

North Fork of the Skykomish.

Orion Watson on Little Jupiter, 11+, Index. 

Natural Log Cabin and Ryan Daudistel, 11d-ish, Index. 

Ryan.  Anachronism or recrudescence?

Danielle Klinkhamer  at Split Rocks, 12c.

Andrew P. topping out a nice 12a at Split Rocks, WA.

Little ole' me.  3-oclock rock..

Blake Herrington following the 5.12 crux of Vanishing Point, Mt. Baring.

Benjit Hull sticking to the blankness on Rise and Fall, Index, 5.12.

Jesse Heineman climbing the stunning 5.10 pitch on Rise and Fall. 

Sweethearts and local rock crushers: Sonya and Orion.

Sonya Kepler in the Biz of Tempitchuous, 12a, Index. 

More tempitchuous.

Paul Tomlinson, Terminal Preppie. 

Chris Henson.  Priceless smile.
Chris H. on Thin Fingers, Index, WA. 11a.

Ryan D. on Working Man 11b. Inner wall, Index. 

Sonya Kepler climbing Zoom, 510d, Index.