Saturday, October 2, 2010

NW Wyoming!

Morning comes early here in Mitchell South Dakota.  But, the sun is out, and it is looking like another perfect driving day.  We can just hear the 90 humming from our commando camping site at the Kelly Inn; where we are happily tapping into some free internet and revving up for another mega drive.  In another 26 hours of driving we should be drinking maple syrup and clicking our shutters like a sub machine gun at the fabled NE autumnal landscape.

Today is our second day in SD after spending just over two weeks sucking the marrow out of Wyoming.  I'll attempt to fill in the cracks over the next few days,  as we pass through the heartland.  But for now, here are pictures and commentary into our brief Yellowstone/Tetons experience.  Feeling the pressure of our NE Foliage barometer we didn't tarry too long.  On the 14th of Sept we said our goodbye's to our friend Moe in Bozeman and sped our way into Yellowstone aiming for the Boiling River.  During our travels we have used a PNW Hot Springs book as reference and guide; it illuminating many of the cooler hotsprings found throughout the region.

The Sprinter factor is Huge. We see lots of pricey conversions like this...but not too many home made ones.
This guy was having just WAY too much fun.  PSYCHED!
Ben finding that perfect balance in the Boiling River.

Just South of the town of Gardiner and and a scant 2 miles into Yellowstone proper one finds this jewel.  The NPS doesn't indicate nor advertise this place for its obvious soaking qualities, but let me assure you it exists and lots of people know about it.  I'de imagine that in high summer season the soaking population actually might outnumber the rental RV's that are ubiquitous in Yellowstone.

Boiling River features a four foot stream of Super Hot water that flows from the upper Mammoth Hot Springs, through the hill and surfaces a 100 yards upriver from the Gardiner River.  It then proceed to dump itself off short cataracts and mix with the much colder current.  The contrast
between cold and HOT is confusing at first.  Signals fire off in the brain that you might be burning...kinda like getting into a really hot bath.  But, instead of entering via room temperature air one has to wade through cold river water.  Anyhow, we soaked here for at least an hour.  We both agreed that the Boiling River was well worth the stop.  Go here!!

If you've ever been to Yellowstone you might recognize the Boardwalk motif.  Though it makes perfect sense why the Park puts these in.  One can't help but feel like he/she's walking on a porch  all day long...gazing out at the geothermal abyss. 

Here's a shot from a nice day hike to Surprise Lake up on the Grand Teton.  The views down to the valley below are stunning.  It was a great break from driving and all those mini-tourist pullouts of Yellowstone.  

After our magnificent day hike we drove to Jackson, WY.  The unmistakable Western decor and brights lights just sucked us in.  We had delicious pizza and beer for Dinner.  To top it off we had a large cone of home made ice cream and strolled the strip.  While we were purchasing our ice cream the gent behind the counter asked with confidence if we were locals.  I was wearing one of those Das Parka jackets and evidently that sparked his question. If we had said yes we believe that we might have gotten the "local price"...  4$!  yum yum.

To keep one warm in the winter!  Simply purchase furry jock, strap er' on, and experience the coziness inherent in this fuzzy apparel masterpiece.  And for that price, we should all be able to afford one.  Now, my question is why Victoria Secret hasn't done something along these lines?

Thanks for viewing our latest installment.  Due to my (ben's) lack of html savvy this is all I can handle for today.  More of Wyoming coming soon!  Lots more in fact.  Prepare to be amazed and awed, and perhaps a little jealous.  Ok, I made that last part up.  

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