Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ok, this is going to be short because I just accidentally deleted an entire blog post.  Yep, I'm a rookie in these Blogging waters...

Update: we've been hanging out in Bozeman Montana for 4 wonderful days.  Last thursday we left Canmore Alberta and ground out 12 hours on the road.  Our chosen path took us along the Rockies and through Kananaskis Country, Waterton and Glacier National Parks.  Originally we had intended on spending a little time in both of the latter.  But, the weather was not at all inspiring (rain and cold) and so we just kept the peddle to the meddle.  The weather has been perfect, the hospitality generous, and proximity to outdoor recreation unrivaled.  In the short time we've been here we have trail run, mountain biked, hiked, rock climbed, hot spring (ed),

Our wonderful friends Moe and Heather Witschard have been wonderful hosts!  Moe and I met at Rocky Mountain School of Photography over six years ago and have been good friends ever since.  Our connection to the mountains and our mutual admiration for adventure were evident from the get go.

This morning brings change as Tiffers and I hit the road once again!  Our objective this afternoon is to enter Yellowstone from the Northern entrance and seek out the Boiling River Hot Spring.  This geological wonder is purported to be something extra special.  Beyond that... we'll just have to see.

Tiffers playing captain during our exodus from Canmore.

Lots of big RV's prowl the American West.  Watch out for the Rental ones!
Moe celebrating his new Kegerator.  We helped him get all the kinks out.  Hmmmmm IPA.
Ahhhhh Moe!
Moe and me living the good life at Norris Hot Springs.  This enormous wooden tub is drained every night.  The water flows in under the slats at 120 f.  5 greenbacks get you in the door.  Several nice micro brews are available; in addition to pizza, burgers etc.

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