Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adios Seattle!

As of Saturday afternoon, we (my wife Tiffany and myself) are fully launched on our roadtrip!  And so year long odyssey through North America begins.  After finishing the last of our errands around seatown, which seemed to go on forever, we rolled into Newhalem and did a little climbing to stretch the limbs; nothing too vigorous.  Temps were perfect!  Later that evening we found some space to park at the free campground near Diablo.

Morning found a few familiar faces.  Drew Isaac and Johnny had spent the week out exploring the Newhalem bouldering.  

This tram is located in the town of Diablo and once quite actively lifted hordes of people up the mountain to be then ferried to the Diablo dam.  Not sure when Seattle City Light stopped using this transport for their Hydroelectric tours.  But, we thought it quite impressive nonetheless.  We hiked up the trail instead.

Both of us had never been to the Diablo Dam.  It is huge!  And moreover, a testimony to the brawn and engineering prowess of the early 20th century.  Although I mostly frown upon such assaults to the natural environment, I couldn't help but marvel at this colossus.

Here is the obligatory liberty bell shot.  Though the light was flat and harsh, I couldn't help but meander out to the overlook at Washington Pass and take a snap of one iconic rock.

Soon thereafter, we wandered  (2 miles) to Cutthroat lake, and relished in the small alpine cirque that flanks the NE aspect of Cutthroat Mountain.  We caught a bunch of...well, Cutthroats!  They were all too small to keep unfortunately.   Later that evening we pulled into our friend Gordy Skoog's place in Mazama.  This place is beautiful!!  It had been over a year since we had been in the Methow Valley; and I had forgotten just how lovely it is.  We enjoyed very much catching up with him.  


  1. Spent a couple of days there for work awhile back. I have actually been down in the bowels of that dam where the door is to the spinning turbine blades that pass the water from the lake to the river...

  2. Nice to see you Ben! Happy to see you'll be crushing your way across the country.